Your Yorkie And The ‘Zoomies’ Why She Gets Them/ What To Do

yorkie and the 'zoomies'

Yorkie And The 'Zoomies'

Hi, Welcome. Today we are going to be dealing with a subject that's close to my heart.Your Yorkie and the 'zoomies'.

It’s difficult to keep a straight face when you see a happy Yorkie racing madly around the house or in your backyard, then collapsing after a spell of what most of us call the 'zoomies'

Your Yorkie and the 'zoomies' can be really fun to watch. I love it when my dog goes crazy and runs around. It’s such fun and I wouldn’t dream of stopping her.

My Yorkie Tammy performs what behaviorists call a 'play bow.' Then she pounces toward me with front paws outstretched and her butt pointed straight in the air.

Most times this behavior reaches such a high level of excitement she suddenly begins running speed laps around our pool. She will turn on a dime and spray dirt and grass into the air.

If I call her name or try to stop the game she starts barking and nipping but will not try to bite. After these brief spurts of energy, she plops down on the grass and falls asleep.

You can usually tell when a Yorkie is overcome by a case of the 'zoomies' by a peculiar type of crouching, cowering run they do. Your little dog will stay close to the ground with her tail end tucked under.

Your Yorkie and the 'Zoomies'

Your little associate will lose all control of her body and mind, and she zooms around you with no care for what’s in front of her or what you say.

It's not unusual to see a play bow before the 'frapping' begins!

Most dog owners call this unusual behavior 'zoomies.' A more formal term is 'Frenetic Random Activity Period.' Usually referred to as 'Frapping'

'Frap' is an abbreviation;  F = Frenetic  R = Random  A = Activity  P = Period.

Puppies that haven’t had the chance to release pent up energy are the more likely to succumb to a bout of 'frapping.' However, it’s not just puppies that zoom. Even a 15-year-old dog may start darting around like a puppy when bath time is over. Dogs of all ages and all breeds are known to do it. At the same time, some high-energy dogs never show signs of the 'zoomies.'

As long as the coast is clear and there are no hazardous obstacles in your dog’s way, a case of the 'zoomies' is perfectly safe. It’s how she gets rid of her extra energy. She's happy and having fun, and you can relax while she has a few minutes of unrestricted joy.

Why do dogs have zoomies?

yorkie and the 'zoomies'

Even experts don't fully understand this odd behavior.' Zoomies' can be triggered by any number of things: going to the vet, meeting a new dog, or even taking a trip to the dog park. Just seeing another dog playing or another dog can be enough to set off the 'zoomies.'

When a Yorkshire Terrier engages in 'frapping' all the time this could be a sign of a more serious problem. You may have to consult your vet to make the distinction between normal 'zoomies' and compulsive behavior like continuous tail or shadow chasing.

Do not chase after a 'frapping dog.' If you do, she's likely to misinterpret this as you playing with her. Instead of chasing after your dog, run away from her (in a direction that's away from roads or other dangers). Encourage your pup to follow you in a happy voice.

Perhaps you would like to share experiences with your Yorkie and the 'Zoomies'? Please use the comment box below this post. I would love to hear from you.

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